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We are a small dairy located in the northern panhandle of  Idaho.  We primarily raise Lamanchas as we have found them to be highly productive & very easy to handle, and they have great dispositions. We do have a few other breeds represented at our farm. 

We are continually working to improve general appearance,  conformation, mammary system, production, dairy character, & stature.  Our goal is to produce animals that are tall, long bodied, & graceful, that have the bone structure to support heavy lactations, maintaining a strongly attached mammary system, while not losing dairy character. 

We enjoy variety and so in addition to a well built dairy animal we love loud colored animals. You will find that most of our animals are spotted/patched etc.   

We test our herd annually for CAE, CL, Johnes & Brucella with WSU and have a clean herd.  We are currently on DHI milk test and we participate in the ADGA Lineal Appraisal program each year, as well as attend a few ADGA sanctioned shows.  We are current members of ADGA & ALC.

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Witts End La-T-Da at 2 hours old


Witts End Mr Independance at 3 hours old

 4*M Witts End Philosopher's Gem at 24hrs old.

 Witts End Midnight Masquerade at 6 months old

4*M Witts End IVS Shiraz (up front) & 4*M Witts End IVS Riesling(in the back) at 24hrs old.

*B Witts End High Resolution at 2 days old. 


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