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*B Witts End High Resolution

PB Lamancha

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ADGA Young Sire Development List 2013

2014 LA 1-06 VV+ 85

2015 LA 2-03 VEV 86

2016 LA 3-05 VEE 90 

DOB March 4th 2013

2 days old


2 years old

2 Years old

3 years old

3 years old


Sire: +*B SGCH Rockin-CB KTL Zelkova LA 3-06 EEE 91 ELITE SIRE
Dam: 2*M Vanjust LC Venus LA 6-07 VEEE 90
SS:  ++*B SG Kastdemur's Tach Lach LA 3-01 VEE 88 ELITE SIRE
SD: 2*M GCH Rockin-CB Soon Nolana 
 LA 6-05  EEEE 92
DS:  Talache's Last Chance LA 2-03 +EE 84
DD: 1*M SG Talache's Kamiah LA 2-03 VEEV 89 TOP TEN & ELITE DOE
SSS: ++*B Kastdemur's Sting
SSD: 2*M SGCH Kastdemur's Evian LA 5-06 EEEE 94 ELITE DOE
SDS: ++*B SGCH Windysprings Monsoon LA  5-06 EEE 91
SDD: 1*M Rockin-CB K Snapdragon LA 2-01 +VVA 80
DSS: +*B GCH South-Fork BI Thunderbolt LA 5-03 EEE 91
DSD: Talache's Oreo LA 3-03 VEVA  83
DDS: ++*B SGCH Quixote Kate's Kareem LA 5-04  VEE 90
DDD: Talache's Top Flite


*B Rockin-CB RZ Free-Style 

American Lamancha

DNA on File 

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ADGA Young Sire Development List 2015

2016 LA 1-06 VVV 87 

2017 LA 2-04 VVV 88

DOB January 22nd 2015


5 days old


5 days old




 Photos courtesy of

Rockin-CB Lamanchas


Lucky*Star Lamanchas





Sire: +*B Rockin-CB RY Zoren LA 2-03 V+E 86






















Dam: 7*M SGCH Rockin-CB RZA Assam  LA 4-07 VEEE 90 ELITE DOE





SS: ++*B SG Rockin-CB KTL Yreka 







SD: 1*M SGCH Rockin-CB QP Roman Design  LA 5-06 EEEE 92





DS: ++*B SGCH Rockin-CB KTL Zelkova  LA 3-06 EEE 91 ELITE SIRE







DD:  6*M SGCH Lucky*Star's AV X-Tea LA 3-06 VEEE 90

SSS:  ++*B SG Kastdemur's Tach Lach  LA 3-01 VEE 88  ELITE SIRE


SSD:  3*M SGCH Rockin-CB LSP Vinca LA 5-06 VEEE 91

SDS: *B Quixote Latte's Perrier  LA 1-08 FV+ 69

SDD: CH Rockin-CB E Classic Design  LA 5-03 VVEV 86

DSS:   ++*B SG Kastdemur's Tach Lach LA 3-01 VEE 88 ELITE SIRE



DSD:  2*M GCH Rockin-CB Soon Nolana LA 6-05 EEEE 91



DDS: ++B Altrece AP Very Berry  LA 3-04 VEE 88

DDD:  5*M SGCH Lucky*Star's QK A-Llure  LA 5-03 VEEE 90





T-Hanging-A Montezuma Cypress        *DNA*          Purebred Lamancha



2015 LA 1-02 V++ 85




Semen Available







Sire: The Canuck Treetop




















Dam: Vanjust KTL Splash 



SS: *B Rockin-CB QMZ Ventriloquist









SD: Vanjust LSP Yelena









DS: ++*B SG Kastdemur's Tach Lach LA 3-01 VEE 88 ELITE SIRE








DD: 7*M Vanjust Wise Xena LA 6-05 VEEE 90

SSS: ++*B GCH Quixote Elke's Marquez  LA 6-05 V+V 88


SSD: 4*M SGCH Rockin-CB QK Prankster LA 5-03 EEEE 93 TOP TEN


SDS: +B SGCH Lucky*Star's QK Pinnacle  LA 5-05 EEE 93


SDD: 1*M SG Talache's Kamiah  LA 5-05 VEEV 89


DSS: ++*B Kastdemur's Sting


DSD: 2*M SGCH Kastdemur's Evian  LA 5-06 EEEE 94 ELITE DOE


DDS:  *B Lucky*Star's AV Wiseguy LA 2-02 +EE84

DDD: 6*M Lucky*Star's QM A-Ssertive  LA 7-06 ++EV 84


                AI Sires



          +*B SG Lucky*Star's RA Bravo                                                   Elite Sire            Purebred Lamancha





Sire: +*B SGCH Rockin-CB RZA Aces Around  LA 3-03 EEE 91 ELITE SIRE











Dam:  3*M SGCH Lucky*Star's RY Accolade LA 4-06 EEEE 92 


SS:  ++*B SGCH Rockin-CB KTL Zelkova LA 3-06 EEE 91 ELITE SIRE

SD: 4*M SGCH Rockin-CB QK Prankster LA 5-03 EEEE 93  Top Ten

DS: ++*B SG Rockin-CB KTL Yreka


DD: 2*M SGCH Lucky*Star's LOT Xhibit LA 5-05 EEEE 92 ELITE DOE mutliple years Top Ten 























Photos courtesy of

Rockin-CB Lamanchas


Lucky*Star Lamanchas 






       +B Glen-Mythos Dutch Harbour                                                            Purebred Lamancha


Sire:   ++*B GCH Me's Ranch Dutch Belted




Dam:  13*M SG Glen-Mythos Proserpine LA 5-01 EEEE 92

SS: ++*B Me's Ranch Saxon Tucker

SD: 1*M GCH Me's Ranch Lamar Chantilly


DS: ++*B SGCH Glen-Mythos Stormbringer LA 5-03 EEE 93

DD: 12*M SGCH Hailey's Persephone LA 5-03 VEEV 89 


Dutch Harbour



             +*B SG Tempo Bode Miller                                                              Purebred Lamancha


Sire: ++*B SGCH  Kastdemur's Vigilante News LA 5-05 VEE 90 ELITE SIRE



Dam: 5*M SGCH Tempo Hannah LA 5-02 EEEV 91


SS: ++*B Kastdemur's Deviant LA 3-02 VEE 90

SD: 4*M SGCH Kastdemur's Bad News LA 8-05 EEEE 92


DS: ++B SGCH Becca's Tucson LA 2-02 EEE 92

DD: 4*M SG Tempo Mia LA 2-02 VEEE 90




*B Glen-Mythos Hrothgar                                      Purebred Lamancha




Sire: +*B GCH Glen-Mythos Kronos  LA 5-05 VEE 90









Dam:  14*M GCH Glen-Mythos Hrotswytha LA 4-04 VEEE 91

SS: ++*B SGCH Glen-Mythos Stormbringer LA 5-03 EEE 93


SD: 2*M GCH Glen-Mythos Clytemnestra LA 7-02 EEEE 92



DS: +*B GCH Glen-Mythos Helm's Deep LA 5-04 VEE 91



DD: 13*M SGCH Glen-Mythos Valhalla LA 6-05 VVEE 88 



Photos courtesy of Here Be Goats



               *B SG Tempo Jesse O                                                                         Purebred Lamancha


Sire: SG Tempo Scotty



Dam: Windstar Notta Shy Anne

 SS: SG Winterwood's The Medicine Man

SD: Tempo Katya


DS: Coastside Sea Spry

DD: Olimpic Christines Shy Anne 



Semen for sale



   SGCH South-Fork Thunder's Rainman                                               Purebred Lamancha


Sire: +*B GCH South-Fork BI Thunderbolt  LA 5-03 EEE 91  



Dam:  5*M SGCH Meyer's MBBC Canyon Blush LA fs 90 

SS: ++B SGCH Hibb-Herd TRT Billy Idol

SD: 2*M GCH BBT Double V Flame


DS:  SGCH Meyer's MRDB Brutus Beefcake

DD: 4*M SGCH Meyer's Ole' Sweet Cherry Wine 




             Witts End MS Kokerboom   *DNA*                                                          Purebred Lamancha
Sire: T-Haning-A Montezuma Cypress  LA 1-02  V++  85
Dam:  3*M SG Witts End Solar Flare  LA  3-03 VV+V 85

SS:  The Canuk Treetop

SD: Vanjust KTL Splash


DS:  *B Rockin-CB KV Backdraft LA 4-03 EEE 90

DD: 2*M Vanjust LC Venus  LA 6-08 VEEE 90             





2016 LA 1-05 EVV 88 





        *B Here Be Goats KUA Ceadown                                                    Purebred Lamancha




Sire: +*B Kastdemur's Up & Atom LA 2-03 EEE 91




Dam: 2*M GCH Glen-Mythos Clytemnestra LA 7-02 EEEE 92

SS: ++B Dagron Taipei's Toronto  LA 4-02 EEE 91

SD: 3*M GCH Kastdemur's Make7UpYours LA 5-05 EEEE 93

DS: *B Hailey's Star No Quarter LA 1-03 +VA 83



DD: 1*M SGCH Glen-Mythos Clymene LA 3-02 VVVV 88



Photos courtesy of Here Be Goats

*B Rockin-CB KV Backdraft            *DNA*           Purebred Lamancha


3yr old

4yr old


Semen Available 


3yr old

4yr old

 DOB 3-3-2011

 2012 LA 1-05 VV+  86

2013 LA 2-04 +VV 84

2014 LA 3-06  VVV 87 

2015 LA 4-03 EEE 90

We pre-ordered this buckling from Cindy, knowing that the chances of a kid this loud were slim but the bloodlines were exactly what we wanted so if the color wasn't there we'd be proud to bring him home anyway.  So when Cindy called to tell us that he was born we were excited and all she would say is that he was a pinto.  I never expected him to be so colorful and when I saw him for the first time I was speachless!  This buck has it all, bloodlines, conformation & he's loudly colored!!  This buck is going to be very tall and very dairy!  I couldn't have been more pleased.  We have bred him to only 2 does this year.  His first kids are due the first part of March and we can hardly wait! 

UPDATE: the kids this year are fabulous!  They all showed well & one doeling brought home 2 Res Champion titles :)  This next year(2013) we are using him heavily.  I'm expectin nothing less than outstanding from this next kid crop! 









Sire: ++*B SGCH Kastdemur's  Vigilante News  LA 5-05   VEE 90 ELITE SIRE















Dam: 3*M GCH Rockin-CB KTL Yulan  LA  4-04  EEEE  91,  6th place 5yr old doe at the 2013 National Show





SS: ++*B Kastdemur's Deviant     LA 3-02  VEE  90









SD: 4*M SGCH Kastdemur's Bad News  LA 8-05  EEEE  92 




DS: +*B SG Kastdemur's Tach Lach  LA  3-02  VEE  88 ELITE SIRE









DD:  2*M GCH Rockin-CB Soon Nolina  LA  6-05  EEEE  91


SSS:  ++*B GCH Becca's Hemingway  


SSD:  1*M SGCH One*Oak*Hill Tumbleweed Diva 

 SDS:  +*B Kastdemur's Bad Attitude



SDD:  3*M SGCH Kastdemur's Gazette




DSS: +*B Kastdemur's Sting



DSD:  2*M SGCH Kastdemur's Evian  LA  5-06  EEEE  94 ELITE DOE

DDS:  ++*B  SGCH Windysprings Monsoon  LA 5-06 EEE 91


DDD:  1*M Rockin-CB K Snapdragon


Witts End Mr Independance 97% Lamancha 3% Saanen Purebred Experimental



 2012 LA 1-01 +++ 84







 Sire:  T-Hanging-A Socretes  LA 2-04 V+V 86




Dam: 3*M Witts End Celestial Innovation



 SS: *B Rocky-Run Hot Medallion





SD: Flying-Fur G Flower





DS: *B SG South-Fork CH Platium LA 5-06 +VE 84










DD: 2*M Vanjust LC Venus   LA 6-08 VEEE 90


SSS: +*B Becca's Too Hot To Handle LA 1-04 VVE 87

 SSD: 3*M SGCH Rocky-Run Fancy Pendant LA 3-05 VEEE 90


SDS: Flying-Fur M Glitter


SDD: CH Flying-Fur M Madonna


DSS:  ++*B SG Redwood-Hills Beau Charmer ELITE SIRE


DSD:  4*M GCH South-Fork Silver Cierra LA 6-04 EEEE 91

DDS: Talache's Last Chance      LA 2-03 +EE 84


DDD: 1*M SG Talache's Kamiah 2007 Top Ten & 2009 Elite Does List       LA 5-05 VEEV 89


March Ranch Sarathor Scoresby aka Scooter   SOLD     American Sable







Sire: +*B Joash TE Thornberry LA 4-04 VEV 89









Dam: Joash KO Sarafina         LA 2-04 VV+V 87


SS: ++*B Talache's Eldon  LA 7-03 VEE 88





SD: 6*M Klisse's DRS Candleberry LA 5-04 VEEE 90



DS: *B Klisse's KEOH Osprey



DD: Joash KTH Special K LA2-05 +AVA 78

SSS: *B Talache's Windward


SSD: 1*M GCH Talache's Ice Magic "Elmira" LA 8-04 +EEE 88



SDS: ++*B GCH Des-Ruhigestelle Silverado LA 5-06 EEE 91

SDD: 5*M GCH Klisse's GSMS Bumbleberryfrost LA 8-06 EEEV 91




DSS: ++*B SG Klisse's DD Epic of Hope LA 5-05 EEE 91


DSD: 7*M GCH Klisse's LLB Cuerva LA 2-04 VEVV 88

DDS: +*B SG Klisse's LLB Tale of Hope LA 4-06 +VE 85


DDD:  9*M SGCH Klisse's DRS Cocoa Puff LA 5-06 VEEV 88

T-Hanging-A Socretes       94% Lamancha  6% Saanen          Purebred Experimental



 Congrats to Loni Cole of Bonners Ferry         Idaho on your purchase of this wonderful        buck!  May he do good things for your                herd as he has done for ours :)




                        2010 LA 1-05  ++V 81

                           2011 LA 2-04 V+V 86

Socks is a great buck.  This year he has produced some outstanding kids for us.  They are very tall, very dairy, with wide escutcheons, nicely put together, & beautifully colored.  He has defiantly improved dairy character on every doe.  We are looking forward to his next kid crop which will be arriving in March 2012.  We are expecting to once again be blessed with some flashy outstanding kids. We are offering Socks up for sale.  We have retained several of his daughters & a son and so no longer need him in our herd.





Sire:  *B Rocky-Run Hot Medallion








Dam:  Flying-Fur G Flower



SS: +*B  Becca's Too Hot To Handle   LA  1-04  VVE  87



SD:  3*M SGCH  Rocky-Run Fancy Pendant   LA  3-05  VEEE  90





DS:  Flying-Fur M Glitter



 DD:  CH Flying-Fur M Madonna

SSS: *B Kastdemur's Divadend  LA 3-02 VEE  88


SSD:  2*M GCH Me's Ranch Dutch Treat  LA 8-03  EVEV  89

SDS:  *B Lucky*Star's C Fancy Pants


SDD: 2*M GCH Rocky-Run Ebb's Heirloom  LA  5-04 VEEE  91


DSS:  Heart-Mt-Carter-Kids Mozart LA  7-05   EEE  90


DSD:  Flying-Fur RR Dazzle Do

DDS: Heart-Mt-Carter-Kids Mozart LA  7-05   EEE  90


DDD:  White-Carousels Capra*China 

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