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We are a small dairy located in the northern panhandle of  Idaho.  We primarily raise Lamanchas as we have found them to be highly productive, very easy to handle, and they have great dispositions. We do from time to time have a few other breeds represented at our farm. 

We are continually working to improve general appearance,  conformation, mammary system, production, dairy strength, & stature.  Our goal is to produce animals that are tall, long bodied, & graceful, that have the bone structure to support heavy lactations, maintaining a strongly attached mammary system, while not losing dairy strength. 

We enjoy variety and so in addition to a well built dairy animal we love loud colored animals. You will find that most of our animals are spotted/patched etc.   

We test our herd annually for CAE, CL, Johnes & Brucella with WSU and have a clean herd.  We are currently on DHI milk test and we participate in the ADGA Lineal Appraisal program each year, as well as attend a few ADGA sanctioned shows.  We are current members of ADGA & ALC.

We are also on Facebook so you can keep updated with all the current events there.


Witts End La-T-Da 

at 2 hours old

Witts End Mr Independance
at 3 hours old
Witts End Philosopher's Gem 
at 24hrs old.
Witts End Midnight Masquerade 
at 6 months old
Witts End IVS Shiraz (up front) & Witts End IVS Riesling(in the back) 
at 24hrs old.
*B Witts End High Resolution 
at 2 days old.

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