Witts End Dairy Goats

Lamancha Dairy Goats



Due Date & Info

2*M SG Witts End HRC High Intensity
AI: Witts End MSF Kokerboom

Kidded March 9th 2018

All kids will be American

1 Doeling $550

2 Bucklings $500   1st bucking reserved 

Wethers $75

5*M Witts End MCR Shailendra

*B Witts End High Resolution

Kidded March 18th 2018

2 Wethers:  $75

No bucklings available 

Witts End High Adoration

50%Lamancha/50% Saanen

*B Rockin-CB RZ Free-Style

Kidded April 1st 2018

Kids will be experimental


1 Doeling:  $375

2 Wethers:  $75

No bucklings available 

Witts End Prestige 

*B Rockin-CB RZ Free-Style

Kidded April 6th 2018

All kids will be PB

1 Doeling:  $450

1 Buckling:  $350 or wethered  $75

Witts End Shangri-La

75%Lamancha, 25%Sable

*B Witts End High Resolution

Kidded April 13th 2018

All kids will be American

1 Doeling:  Retained

Witts End Privilege 

*B Rockin-CB RZ Free-Style

Kidded April 28th 2018

All kids will be PB

1 buckling: $350

as a Wether:  $75


Witts End Elysian Fields

75%Lamancha, 25% Sable

*B Witts End High Roller

73% Lamancha, 27% Saanen

Kidded May 10th 2018

kids will be experimental

1 Doeling:  $350

1 Wether:  $75

No bucklings available

3*M Witts End Galactic Premonition


Priss will be on an extended lactation.  No kids this year.  

1*M Witts End High Velosity


Val will be on an extended lactation.  No kids this year.

If you are interested in any of the kids from these does please let us know.  We will post results when each doe kids out.  We dont sell bucklings out of our first fresheners(unless we feel they are exceptional & we would consider replacing their sire with that buckling) or our grades.  Any buckling that we feel isn't quality enough to stand at our farm we wether.  Also we do not sell un-registered bucks.   All kids will leave the farm dis-budded(no exceptions!!).  We are expecting some very nice flashy kids this year.  Prices listed are subject to change once the kids are on the ground so if you want to guarantee the listed price please pre-order your kid(s).  We require a $150 deposit to reserve your kid of choice.  Kids picked up after 2 weeks of age will incur  a $1.50 per day board fee and if not picked up before 2 months will be charged $2.50 per day board fee.  Deposit is applicable to another kid if 1st choice is not available or used toward a kid the following year.  Deposit is not refundable just because you changed your mind. Buyer is responsible for all transportation/shipping costs & health certificate/paperwork if applicable.  Remaining balance is due with in 2 weeks of notification that your kid is born.  

We are a CAE/CL/Johnes/Brucella negative herd & test yearly through WSU.  All animals leaving will be accompanied by a copy of our whole herd negative status.  Previous years results are also available upon request. 

Wethers are available from any doe for $50.00 if picked up at two weeks, or $75 after that.

Buck kids only available from 2*M SG Witts End HRC High Intensity for the 2018 kidding season.

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