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Our Cats

Chinook is a Snow Bangle and is our youngest cat, he will be 10 in April 2011.  He is almost like a dog in that he follows me every were plays with the horses & goat kids.  He's not very good at mousing but he sure is pretty! 


 Scamper is our 18 yr old Siamese.  He has been a fantastic mouser his whole life.  When he was a young thing he would bring in Crows, Squirrels, Ducks, and any other critter he could find.  We never have trouble with rodents with him around!

2014:  Scamper finally crossed over the rainbow bridge at 21 years of age.  We mill miss this old man! 

Our Dog

Nibs is an AKC Chinese Pug, he is 3 yrs old, he is so much fun.  He loves the goat kids and plays with them all the time.  I think he gets more excited for kidding season than we do.  I think he's part goat himself lol. 
Our Pony





  Meet the love of my life!  :)  AMHR Just A Blaza Glory aka Justin.  I bought this little guy when he was just over a year old.  He was so cute & little :)  I had Quarter Horses & Paints at that time & he was the perfect toy lol.  I trained him to drive & showed him in Halter & Driving.  He excelled in both winning numerous Championships in Open Classes against the "big" horses across the USA.   He has produced some outstanding foals that all excell in any task they are put to!  I took him with me when I moved back east & then brought him with me when I moved back home to Idaho.  This little man has been with me every where I go :)  I absolutly love & adore him! 

He has been retired from show & breeding for many years now & lives the life of luxury!  We still go on driving outings which he lives for!  He loves the goat kids & has a following of "fans" that stop by & feed him anytime they walk past his pature.  He's quite the selebrity here & he's sure he's God's gift to life!!!  dont believe me just ask him LOL. 

Justin will be 20 years old this summer(2015) but he still thinks he's 5.  Only thing that tells his age is the greying around his eyes & muzzle.  He's still very spirited & full of himself, I'm hoping that will keep him living for ever ;)

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